Type Ref Cost
            Day Tkt. 36.00
            Day Tkt. 36.00
            Show Reg. 42.00


            Telephone 01732 866277

            Monday - Friday 10am - 4pm



            Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain – SHB(GB) – is a membership organisation and registered charity, governed by an elected council. As the leading British studbook, affiliated to the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses;
            • we encourage the grading of stallions and mares and the registration of foals.
            • we support British horse breeding through educational clinics and through our voucher schemes awarded at shows and mare gradings.
            • we are also a governing body for ridden and in-hand hunter and sport classes held at affiliated horse shows in the UK, including qualifiers for the Royal International Horse Show (RIHS).
            Register Online

            You can now apply for membership , passport services and day tickets online! Click a button below to start!

            SHB(GB) Membership

            Registration, ID, Overstamping

            Stud Book

            Show Registration

            Day Tickets

            Resources and documents to support registrations are available to download here


            Sports Horse News

            The 2021 Show, a winning formula

            After 18 months of turmoil and uncertainty it was great to be able to run our annual Championship show again in 2021. The very best of the UK’s show horses and their owners and producers and breeders came together to celebrate and showcase the very ‘Best of British’ of horses and breeding stock....

             19 Aug 2021

            Thank you to our New Supporters

             4 Aug 2021

            Mare and Foal Gradings

             20 Jul 2021


            Society News

            Charles Cope 1936-2021

            It is with much sadness that we share the news of the passing of Charles Cope. Charles, a loyal and longstanding supporter of SHB(GB), was well known in the equestrian world. With his wife Janet he bred many horses at their home, Stones Farm, in Oxfordshire and over the years stood many of the former HIS stallions. A highpoint of his life was being recognised as the breeder of Ingrid Klimke’s German Olympic gold medal team horse Sleep Late....

             22 Jul 2021

            Valerie Kemp - 1958-2020

             11 Nov 2020

            SHB(GB) Council Election Results

             9 Apr 2020


            Have you any showing, breeding or sports horse news, or any interesting stories you would like to share with us? If you do, we would love to hear from you. Please email details to members@  or contact our office and we will try and include it on the SHB of GB website.


            Quick Links

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              • Privacy Policy
              • Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain

                96 High Street
                TN8 5AR

                Telephone: 01732 866277
                Fax: 01732 867464
                Email: office@

            Copyright ©2022 Sport Horse Breeding of Great Britain. All rights reserved.
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